What do we do?

Here's a snapshot of the events we organize

  • Datathon: Our most recent event type addition. Through our datathon events, we aim to bring data science professionals and amateurs interested in sustainability topics together with environmental professionals and advocates with the intention of creating innovative data based environmental solutions

  • Startup Weekends: An immersive 52- hour learning session with people interested in the environment, to hatch and strategize a start-up idea. We hosted 2 Start-up weekends. 2016- Sustainable City, 2018 - Eco-Social Impact

  • Crowd-solving sessions: Ideation sessions, to help local environmental initiatives solve a challenge they are currently facing, with solutions from the community. We’ve already organized 3 CrowdSolves - on transport, food habits, and the sharing economy!

  • 5@7 Networking sessions: Meet passionate and environmentally conscious individuals, disrupting their silos.