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Sustainably together for a better Montreal


              MtlGreen is an open collective taking action to sustain-abilize Montreal. We support discovery and execution of sustainable innovations in the city.


              As an open collective, our initiatives are only limited by our imagination and drive . We design and produce hands-on events sustainable impact.

              Where do You fit in?

              Inspired to be a part of sustainable change in Montreal? Wanting to join forces with a like-minded community of forward-thinkers.  Looking to make an impact, build your skillset, and contribute meaningfully towards a greener more livable city? 

              With MtlGreen, your skills and resources are shared and amplified.  As a group, we take action to bring initiatives forward while those with more experience guide the group forward.  Learning is part of the game, and the more we teach each other, the more we accomplish.   


              Join a team and work on something you care about, spend your time and attention on what matters

              Use your skills to combine and remix
              together our efforts, it all adds up to make a difference

              Invest your money in community projects, and see exponential impact


              For six weeks leading up to the Greenfunding Night, you can engage in sustainability challenges to reduce your environmental impact. ​When we complete a challenge, we share the successes with the online community, and maybe even win free tickets!

              Take a green project to the next level

              Come form a team, discover new possibilities, learn, startup.

              Green branding

              Bottoms up citizens-led activities drive innovation

              Monika Potocki

              Social entrepreneur, manager, volunteer

              Deekshaa Verney

              Environmentalist, green-techie, volunteer

              Reid Kostenuk

              Social entrepreneur, manager, volunteer

              Greg Denys

              Marketing coordinator, green-tech activist, volunteer

              Melyan Vézina

              Social entrepreneur, ops, volunteer

              Luce Engerant

              Social entrepreneur, accounts executive, volunteer

              Paul Cuciureanu

              Healthcare entrepreneur, volunteer