At MtlGreen, we empower citizens to create an innovative and greener city. 


We are an open citizen collective committed to a greener world, while lowering our dependence on fossil fuels and building a sustainable future.


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Our Upcoming Event    

Datathon: For a Sustainable City!

When: November 21 – December 1, 2018

Where: Montréal, QC    

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MtlGreen is a diverse community filled with inspired and driven people. We are committed to make a positive difference in Montreal.

We empower local eco-projects and citizens through interactive workshops and sustainability consulting. 

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Events With MtlGreen


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Start-Up Weekends

An immersive 52-hour learning session with people interested in the environment, who will hatch and strategize start-up ideas.

We have hosted The Sustainable City Start-Up Weekend in 2016 and The Eco-Social Impact in 2018.

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Crowd Solving Sessions

These are ideation sessions where the community aids local environmental initiatives solve a challenge they are currently facing.

In the past we have led three Crowd Solves, including issues on topics such as transportation, food, and the economy.

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Cinq à Sept & Networking Events

Meet passionate and environmentally conscious individuals.

Join us!

Work on a project you care about and spend time on what truly matters.

Be Creative!

Use your skills to combine and remix all ideas! Together we will make a difference.


Invest in community projects to create a greener future.


Take your green initiative to the next level.

Form a team to learn and discover new possibilities.

Citizen-led activities drive innovation.